Quotation Rooms

Taking a new spin on Quotations with our interactive Quotation Rooms. Say goodbye to printed paper. Create quotation Rooms with multiple business partners at one click. See the quotation statistics and choose the best network to fulfill your requirements using our proprietary probability indicator-H-Match.


Contract Rooms

Manage all your contract information with your business partners from one centralized place. Get alerts and updates in real time for any changes made to the contract.


Store all your documents and content from across Hiwac seamlessly on Hiwac Drive. To share the content, simply share the link with your colleagues and business partners.


An in-house probability indicator using big data, past history, mutual transactions, industry and key markets to see the probability of a success by engaging in business with a network.

Admin Logs

Get real time updates on the performance of network members such as Number of Products, Connections, Total Revenue, Quotations and Contracts in a given period of time.

Administrative Settings

Transfer old network member accounts to new network members with all existing data, to new employees seamlessly. Manage Permissions of each network member to see what they are allowed or not allowed to do on behalf of your network on Hiwac.

Claim Management System

File Claim and track your insurance claims in Insurance Contracts

Dispute Resolution System

A proprietary Dispute Resolution System to file dispute, negotiate and get ruling from mutually agreed arbitrators in a simple effective manner.


Real time stock inventory management with system generated Stock-In and Stock Out Receipts, and automatic Invoice generator.


Market your Products and Services across Hiwac using our in-house targeted marketing solutions. Create your marketing campaigns to be discovered. Set Budget and analyze performance of your campaign.


Coming soon to your favorite App Stores. For now please use Hiwac on your personal computer to stay connected with your business partners.